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EU business and the Northern Ireland Protocol – how to make it work!

24 October 2023  -  Distribution, E-Fulfilment, Warehousing, Windsor Framework/NI Protocol

The Northern Ireland Protocol, part of the Brexit withdrawal agreement, primarily addresses the trade relationship between Northern Ireland and Great Britain while preserving an open border on the island of Ireland – maintaining Northern Ireland as part of the EU single market for goods and, importantly, the UK. However, it can also benefit EU businesses seeking to trade with Great Britain. Here’s how the Protocol can be beneficial for EU businesses:

1: Access to the UK Market via Northern Ireland:

    2: Reduced Customs and Regulatory Barriers:

      3: Supply Chain Integrity:

        4: Access to the UK via Irish Land Bridge:

        5: Market Presence in Northern Ireland:

        The Northern Ireland Protocol is a unique arrangement to balance the interests of all parties while preventing a hard border on the island of Ireland. Businesses from the EU and Great Britain can easily use companies like SJ Henderson Fulfilment in Northern Ireland to warehouse and move their goods and navigate the new trade landscape effectively, making the most of this new opportunity. 

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